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Jeff Ferst Artist – Fine Art Gallery & Designer of Clothing, Home Decor & Gifts

Jeff Ferst is a Tucson artist, a colorist and the owner of Artful Living Gallery & Studio – a fine art gallery that specializes in Jeff’s work and line of clothing, home decor & gifts.

Jeff paints vibrant landscape paintings and abstraction paintings. Inspiration for his work comes from the amazing sunsets and local desert landscape. His art work has been featured in countless group and solo shows over the years – both here in the US, in Canada where he lived for many years and overseas in Europe, Asia and Africa. These days you can find Jeff in his Tucson artist studio where he creates his original and colorful paintings in oil and mixed media. Jeff also creates ethereal monoprints, ceramics and mosaics. All are displayed in his fine art gallery.

In 2015 Jeff took on a fine art gallery space with his studio. He opened the fine art gallery showroom in downtown Tucson and called it Artful Living Gallery. In the summer of 2016 Jeff moved the art gallery to the foothills of Tucson at Plaza Colonial. The move allows Jeff to become part of the foothills art gallery walk at the SW corner of the intersection of Campbell & Skyline.

Artful Living Gallery is a gem to discover. It’s part fine art gallery – part clothing, home decor and gifts When you visit the gallery you will find a bright and airy space full of color. The walls are filled with beautiful art and throughout the contemporary space you will find amazing clothing and home décor accessories featuring Jeff’s art ¬ everything from leggings, shirts, scarves, and dresses ¬ to throw pillows, serving trays, and duvet covers – even beds and bowls for your favorite pet!. His fine art gallery and clothing, home decor and gifts can also be found as an online shopping experience on this site under Artful Merchandise. So its an art gallery but also a clothing store, shop for great home decor ideas, unique gifts, wedding gift ideas, birthday gift ideas etc.

Jeff’s raison d’etre for creating these artful products is to make art accessible to everyone and for it to be enjoyed as part of every day life. Why not? That’s why he has put his art on a variety of items so you can wear fashionable clothing or accessorize your home or office with his vibrant and artful creations. Enjoy your life by making it a bit more colorful!

We recently launched our new online shopping experience – Artful Living by Jeff Ferst  www.artfullivingbyjeffferst.com. Please check out the website for our amazing line of clothing, home decor and footwear by clicking the link in the text or on the menu bar at the left..

Watch the video to see Jeff speak about his art, the new shoes he is designing and hear him talk about his Artful Living line.:

Hours of operation: The gallery and studio is open Wednesday – Saturday 11am -5 pm and Thursday until 7pm for Artwalk.

Artful Living Gallery & Studio

Plaza Colonial

2840 E Skyline Drive, Ste 160

Tucson, AZ 85718

Remodeling and Home Design

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