View From the Foothills (2013) has been selected to be exhibited at the US Embassy in Namibia. The ambassador was looking for images with an Arizona.Southwest vibe as he grew up in AZ and I am excited he selected this work to accompany him during his tenure as Ambassador to Namibia. The artwork will be on loan from December 2014 until 2017.

view from foothills





In 2012 Ferst was selected by the US Ambassador to Dushanbe, Susan Marsh Elliott to participate in an exhibit that includes works by Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Robert Indiana. The collection will be on exhibit for the next two years and will be the backdrop for many global visitors and dignitaries.





In her opening remarks to the press and in the exhibition catalog, Ambassador Elliott singled out Jeff Ferst’s painting “Fantasia” as the “flagship piece of the exhibit”. For more information on the exhibit and her comments click here.

My work Fantasia was also chosen to represent the exhibit on the title page of contents for Art In Embassies Dushanbe Exhibit.

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