I am a colourist. I have a keen interest in the Sonoran desert and in nature in general. I draw inspiration from the colours of the sunrise and sunset, from the desert flora and fauna and from the amazing light that illuminates this part of the world. Alas, the desert and nature in general is my muse.

My work takes the form of abstract landscapes which are rich in texture and have a depth of colour. My abstractions are de-constructed landscapes reflecting the same elements and emotions but the imagery is broken down to a level of colour and form.

My abstraction working process is a direct one, usually with no preliminary drawing. A canvas will develop as a spontaneous, free-flowing conversation between me and the painting, with the completed work the result of a very organic process. My landscapes usually begin with a photo or live image from which I develop a rough preliminary drawing. Each layer of paint from brush to knife creates texture and variations of color in sky and cloud formations.

A canvas may reflect both my memories of locations I have visited and recorded and my emotions on the day that it is painted. There is a strong subconscious element to this work, with an image taking on a life of its own. These paintings convey personal and emotional experiences of life here in the desert. The landscape work is more recognizable to audiences while my abstractions provide a story of life here in the desert that each viewer can decipher for themselves.

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